Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kate's first bday party! And you know what birthday's mean ..... CAKE!!!!!

Ummmmm .... do you guys know that there's a fire? ..... like RIGHT here!Come on mom!! Why can't I have the candle already! This Happy Birthday song is wayyyyy too long!
Finally! It's all mine!
Sweet! Wait .... now what?
...... ewwww ...... sticky fingers!
Oh well!

more cake .......

I'm not quite sure about eating this cake stuff myself .... but I love feeding mom!
...... and dad ......
...... just kidding! Ha!
Ok .... can we take off the hat now? Seriously .....

It's present time!!!!!!

Hurry up mom!
Whoa! Check this out! I wonder what this does?
It's like something is missing .......
Mom, seriously, a dress? ..... did you know there is a car over here?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls Weekend in AZ!!!

Kate and Jacki are in AZ visiting Grandma White with Molly and Rachel. Although it was a rough flight out (we didn't get here until 1am - that's 2am in Iowa!), I think we have both recovered and are having SOOOOO much fun eating, shopping, blowing bubbles, and going down the slide at the park! Enjoy the pics and video. Oh, and sorry about the video - you'll have to turn your computer (or your head) sideways - Molly did it!!!

Bubbles are silly!
Do it again!!!
Rachel and Grandma making OJ
awwww ..... so cute

So many giggles! You should have heard her the first time!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kate's new favorite toy

So a friend of mine from work, Melinda, had an extra "ball popper" so she asked if we'd like it. We opened it up today and Kate just can't get enough! She loves to dance to the music too! Here's some pics and a video too!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kate and her pillow from Grandma D

Grandma Delores gave Kate a quilt and pillow for Christmas and Kate is in LOVE with her "Baby Kate Pillow!" This particular evening, she decided that she would tote the pillow all around the house with her! Too funny!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots of firsts

Mom threw me in the snow when the boys were out shoveling! Dad had to come to save me!

I'm not sure about this "Christmas tree" thing, but I'm sure I'm not supposed to be this close so it must be good!!!!!!!